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Trust Administration Outsourcing

Most Trust Departments are Personal Trust oriented and shy away from Employee Benefit and Corporate Trust business. Lacking the in-house expertise to administer corporate type accounts you end up losing the opportunity for a great deal of fee revenue.

Corporate type accounts allow your department to develop relationships with municipalities and commercial accounts thus enhancing the opportunities for cross selling of trust/bank products and services. Some of the services that could be offered are:

  • Bond paying agent
  • Escrow agent
  • Bond trustee
  • Retirement Plan trustee

Our staff handles all aspects of corporate account administration from set up, documentation review, compliance, and on-going client communication. It is transparent to the client that our staff is remote; we use Bank letterhead, we use the Bank's email system, phones are answered in the Bank name - the client thinks we're sitting in your office.

Call us to discuss how we can supplement your Personal Trust administrative staff in order to offer these profitable corporate services. For start-ups, we also offer full trust system capability, so if you don’t have a system we can still service your Trust Department or Trust Company.

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Trust Audit & Compliance Services

Trust Operations Outsourcing

Many Trust Departments are having difficulty finding, training, and retaining qualified trust operations personnel; if your department is in this situation then we have a solution for you.

The Revzon Consulting Group offers a unique type of Trust Operations Outsourcing. We use your system, your cut off times, your vendors, your forms, and your reports.

This means that when you chose to use Revzon Consulting Group outsourcing there is no conversion, no changes for clients, and very little change for staff.

Most outsourcing firms take control of Trust Operations, forcing you to move to their systems, their vendors, and their rules. This makes it easier for them but not for you and your clients.

We at Revzon Consulting Group feel that switching to an outsourced environment should be transparent to your clients, painless to your staff, and cost effective to your Bank or Trust Company.

Another unique feature of our outsourcing service is that you can "pick and chose" which functions you want to outsource. Unlike other firms where it is all or nothing we feel you should have the option of selecting which services are run in-house and which ones are outsourced.

Consider using our outsourcing services for peak work periods or disaster recovery. With a flexible, low cost monthly retainer we'll be ready to provide you and your clients with uninterrupted service.

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"We have outsourced our internal audit function to Les and his firm by way of another company. His deep, hands-on experience in the trust and investment business provides him with a uniquely clear understanding of our Company and how it should be run consistent with state law and sound fiduciary principals."

Coastline Trust Company

Robert Gaumont / Chief Investment Officer

"Les has proven expertise in the wealth management operations field. His work is accurate and timely. He develops excellent rapport with clients and service delivery is consistent with customer expectations."

SerVus Consulting Group, Inc.

John Kluttz / President

"I have known and worked with Les Revzon for over 30 years and highly recommend Les for any consulting or operational engagement involving wealth management. He is expert in every aspect of the trust and bank compliance markets. Over the past few years, Thomson Reuters has called upon Les' expertise to help us explore new ventures in Employee Benefits as well as preview and advise us on a new Workflow Management offering for wealth management organizations. But Les is not only knowledgeable in his fields of expertise. He has the skills, abilities, charisma and know-how to successfully manage complex consulting and operational engagements."

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Trust Tax

Art Ridolfi / Executive Sales Manager

"Les provided us invaluable assistance in our trust system conversion. His trust background and keen eye for numbers were a tremendous asset. I enjoyed working with Les and quickly discovered that his integrity and expertise would allow me to rely on the accuracy of his work and focus on other areas of the conversion."

Choate, Hall & Stewart

Peter Quigley / Trust Operations Manager

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