2-Day Workflow Assessment

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We provide solutions to help meet business goals. With a wide range of management expertise including retirement plan services, personal and corporate trust, participant recordkeeping, and trust operations, we are able to assist institutions and professionals in all financial disciplines.

Since we do not sell any investment products nor do we receive any commissions we are totally unbiased with our advice.

Your Bottom Line

Revzon Consulting offers a two-day on-site assessment of the current workflows and procedures of your Trust Department.

The objective of this assessment is to determine:

  • Effectiveness of the current structure
  • Personnel and training issues
  • Utilization of the trust system
  • Control weaknesses
  • Value of current client service program

Our methodology includes:

  • Face-to-face interviews with management & staff
  • Observe daily work as it is being processed
  • Review current written procedures
  • Assess month-end and other periodic report processing
  • Go through audit and regulatory examinations

What we deliver:

  • Synopsis of interviews
  • Summary of current workflows and procedures
  • Recommendations for improving workflow and/or procedures
  • Identified personnel and/or training issues
  • Identified system needs

The Extra Benefit to you:

  • 40 years of our experience to assist and guide you

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