Commingled Investment Funds

Experience & integrity

We provide solutions to help meet business goals. With a wide range of management expertise including retirement plan services, personal and corporate trust, participant recordkeeping, trust operations, audit, and compliance we are able to provide commingled fund services for the real world.


Scope of Services

Our Commingled Funds Services, designed to make this a truly turn-key product, include:

  • Specimen document to establish the Fund
  • Resolution of all regulatory issues
  • Assistance with internal Bank approval
  • Policy and Procedures manual relative to Commingled Funds
  • Training on new policies and procedures
  • Assistance with any workflow changes
  • Telephone support after implementation
  • Annual audit
  • Annual partnership preparation
  • Annual report for clients

Our Experience and Integrity coupled with hands-on management know-how enables us to bring to you the best service available.

A Great Investment Option

Advantages of Commingled Funds

  • Economical and efficient method of investing small accounts
  • Ability to invest new funds on a daily basis without ticket costs
  • Cash position in Fund can allow withdrawals without the necessity of selling assets; helps to decrease gains/losses
  • Similar investment performance for accounts with similar investment objectives
  • Trust fees can be charged at a Fund level which may result in higher fee revenue
  • Net Asset Value (NAV) reflects all fees so there aren’t any “line item” fees shown on client statements
  • Multiple funds offer a wide range of investment objectives; transfer from one fund to another is simple and quick
  • Limited regulatory reporting on an annual basis
  • Establishment of Commingled Funds program is virtually transparent to the Bank.
  • Revzon Consulting, working with your operations department performs all of the “heavy lifting” and provides the expertise.

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